More Features

More features: The music can be displayed as standard music, chord chart, rhythm chart, shape notes, and tablature. The verses can be exported to a text file. Verses (lyrics) can be completely edited for most hymns and the edited hymn saved as a new addition to the Christian Virtual Hymnal 15K.

For most hymns, a number of alternative tunes can be used. For instance, if the hymn meter is, any of several hundred other tunes with the same meter can be used. See Features for a complete list of ways in which the music can be customized.

New hymns and choral works created with MusicEase Professional can be imported and customized in the same ways as built-in music.


This product has gone from being "useful" to "essential" now for what I do at church and a music ministry in Nursing Homes. What a great time-saver!
D. G. Hello, I just came across your product, and I find it wonderful! I am most impressed with the accuracy of your editions, and the way in which works can be so readily transposed.
JR - College Community Chorus Conductor I have reviewed your software in detail and am quite impressed with it. It has been included in the GOSHEN Christian Shareware Library.
Robert Woeger, Manager of the GOSHEN Christian Shareware Library site

Other Products

MusicEase Software also produces the MusicEase intelligent music notation editor. (MusicEase uses AI techniques to automatically position music-notational elements correctly without the user needing to know music copyist rules.) All the music in the Christian Virtual Hymnal 15K was created using MusicEase Professional, and MusicEase is the underlying driving mechanism for the customizations available in the Christian Virtual Hymnal 15K.

All the pieces in the Christian Virtual Hymnal 15K can be loaded into MusicEase and fully edited as desired.

Note though that the Christian Virtual Hymnal 15K stands alone and does not require MusicEase.